Top 10 Free Kick Goal of The MAESTRO. The Boss, Andrea Pirlo. If you enjoyed the video , just leave a like/comment or add it to your favorites! Subscribe for …



  1. It's sad to see such a player go soon. But his age hasn't affected his playing style, slow passing have always been his playing style. He has such a feel for the ball, not to mention his amazing free kicks. The best I've seen all my life, I don't
    think anyone could have matched his plays, and his free kicks except for Ronaldhino. It's sad to see the end of an era after this season.

  2. Pirlo is an incredibly gifted free kick taker.  He knows where and when to kick the ball.  I wish he was still with Juventus.  On the bright side, NYCFC will have another incredible player, alongside Villa and Lampard.  NYCFC is very lucky to have these great players.

  3. He likes catching them keepers out of position. So he'd tuck it on most corners opposite of where they're standing because they'll never meet the time needed to react to the in-swinging of the ball and diving/stretching in the right direction. Easier said than done of course since it takes skill to put the curve on a ball like that and another to correctly place the ball where you want it to go into.


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