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  1. Pele was a great player and probably one of the best in the world. But I think messi has the spot for the best player of all time. Now a days people have more knowledge for the game of soccer, then they did back then. So since messi grew up in this era he has the advantage to learn things that players couldn't back then.

  2. People please stop doing one thing. Comparing today's players with the guys from 60's. Those were totally different times, different tactics, different ball, different training regime. Don't give me some crap about Messi scoring back then 2000 goals. If he would live back then he would not become player because of his sickness as a kid. And on the other hand imagine Pele or Maradona with training regime of today

  3. pele is the greatest soccer player of all time… no more arguing…today's stars are paid to be creative…so that they remain
    highly paid…pele was not getting much during his heyday… he just loved the game of soccer.

  4. All those old people stuck in the old days. Pelé was the best at the time, and don't get me wrong, he was magical, but I think Messi has way better technique and overall skill.

    Here are the 5 best players ever…

    1. Messi
    2. Ronaldhino
    3. Pelé
    4. Ronaldo (not CR7)
    5. Neymar

  5. I'm so sick of Péle being referred to as the "greatest of all time". He certainly is one of the greatest, but there is no such thing as a single person being THE greatest. For his time, sure. But going his goal tally is absurd and just look at those defenders. Putting him against players/opposition of today would be quite comical. The knowledge and abilities of players was quite different back then. And while today's greatest, Ronaldo, Zidane, Ronaldinho, & Messi might be the best by today's standards( or atleast mine haha), in about 15 or 20 years they might not be. Football is an ever-changing sport. Player skills are constantly evolving along with tactics and rules. The game is getting faster and more complex than ever before.
    You certainly wouldn't expect someone like Jack Dempsey to survive in the ring with someone like Mike Tyson if given the chance, now would you? Or comparing Bill Russell to Michael Jordan. Comparing different generations of athletes it's kind of pointless if you ask me. If you do, you're just showing your age, are hardheaded, or are doing it for the sake of nostalgia.

  6. That entity treat1999(who has numerous other names 4/5) is a compulsive liar.Blames Messi's teammates for his failures at international level,yet says Ronaldo(Brazilian) didn't win a CL medal because his performances weren't the same as they were for Brazil,not that his teammates at Real let him down,so biased and ignorant,typical Messi fanboy talk.3>0.Amen.

  7. Pelé was a few seconds ahead of the moment, knew what the opponent would do or how he would react, was very fast, no one ran like him, smart as few, all this made him the greatest of all, with a domain of mouth that I only saw the same with Ronaldinho Gaucho

    We are so lucky to be watching Lionel Messi play, We are so lucky to be watching Cristiano Ronaldo play, most of us are unlucky to not be able to see Pele play. Yes, nowadays, if you put Pele on the field, id imagine he would have a much harder time being as good as he was back then, he would probably do well, hes a natural goal scorer, but its a different game, there are quicker defenders and strong athletes now. He was the greatest of his time, no doubt, no argument, he was AS GOOD AS HE NEEDED TO BE. Like now, Messi and Ronaldo are as GOOD AS THEY NEED TO BE to be considered the best in the world.
    On a side note, some may find this irrelevant to the argument, I dont think we'll ever see a player like Messi again in our lifetime. The unique dribbling, passing technique, through balls, nutmegs (jesus christ, he gets like 10 a game).
    On another side note, I believe that we will see another player similar to Ronaldo very soon. Athletes are getting better every day, someone will eventually match his abilities. But speaking relatively to the time he plays in, he's an absolute physical specimen, the perfect athlete for soccer, he possesses every single physical trait a soccer player strives for. speed, jumping, power. He can do it all, the most complete soccer player probably in history.
    Theyre both so damn good. I believe Messi plays the game in such a unique way, it makes him the better player.
    but either could score at any moment.


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